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SBA Schedule: Weds. May 4th (5th Grade ELA CAT)                      Thurs. May 5th (5th Grade ELA PT) Mon. May 9th (4th Grade ELA CAT)                    Tues. May 10th (4th Grade ELA PT) Weds. May 11th (3rd Grade ELA CAT)                Thurs. May 12th (3rd Grade ELA PT) Mon. May 16th (5th Grade Math CAT)              Tues. May 17th (5th Grade Math PT) Weds. May 18th (3rd Grade Math CAT)              Thurs. May 19th (3rd Grade Math PT) Mon. May 23rd (4th Grade Math CAT)              Tues. May 24th (4th Grade Math PT) Weds. May 25th (5th Grade Science - WCAS)

Considering domestic or international travel this school year?

Click here for illness and travel guidelines for domestic travel.

Click here for illness and travel guidelines for international travel.

Stay up to date with the CDC's current travel advisory, found here.

In order to keep our students, staff, and community safe and healthy this school year, COVID-19 protocols are in place regarding when students can return to school after a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19. Find out more here. You can also see a sample test results here.