About Us

Our District
Explorer Community School is a public school in the Lake Washington School District. Explorer Community School students receive the usual enrichment classes such as: music, library, and physical education. They take these classes in the Emily Dickinson Elementary building with the regular staff, but separately from the Emily Dickinson students. Student/Teacher ratios are according to district standards and extra staff is funded if necessary to maintain these ratios. Students can also participate in district wide programs such as pull-out Quest.

Our Campus
The Explorer Community School shares a campus with Emily Dickinson Elementary and is therefore a part of the larger Emily Dickinson community. The principal of Emily Dickinson is also our principal. Most parents in our school choose to join the Emily Dickinson/Explorer PTSA in addition to our own organization. Our school supports and participates in many of the larger community activities. Our students eat in the cafeteria and enjoy the extensive playground during recess.

Our School
The Explorer community is committed to common educational values and beliefs, namely:

* Our community is a cooperative and nurturing environment.

* Each child is a unique and valued contributor to that environment.

* The ultimate goal is to provide children a foundation in the basics while developing critical thinking and problem solving skills.

* Our community provides an enriched curriculum that inspires life-long learning.

* Our community works together to achieve high academic and behavioral standards.

Mosaic of an eagle approaching a tree

A mosaic created at the 20th Anniversary Celebration

About Us

About Explorer Community School