Mission Statement

Community schools have been a part of the Lake Washington School District since the 1970s. Founded in 1996, Explorer Community School is located on the campus of Emily Dickinson Elementary and is a public elementary school staffed by certified teachers responsible for meeting the district’s established academic goals. Explorer is also a “learning community” with a specific mission and vision:


Our mission is to create a learning partnership among children, staff, and parents.


Our school community aims to inspire a life-long passion for learning in an atmosphere of fun, trust and respect. Our focus is the social, academic, and emotional growth of children enabling them to build their own future and positively impact their world. We strive to provide opportunities for each child to realize his or her own individual potential and to foster an atmosphere of cooperation and trust.

Teachers and students on the Explorer campus between buildings

Welcome back.

Teacher and students on a boat

Explorer is a community where teachers, parents, and children partner to learn.