Our Classrooms

The structure of Explorer Community School directly supports our vision by providing:

A small school size that creates a sense of belonging and community spirit.
The school can accommodate a maximum of 75 children, first through fifth grades.
Multi-age classrooms that enhance a child’s ability to progress at his or her own pace.
Instruction that meets the district goals and best accommodates each child.
This includes active, hands-on learning, developmentally appropriate activity and a variety of methods and resources. Progress is assessed through conferences, portfolios of work and narrative records kept by the teachers. Students follow district guidelines for standardized testing.
A classroom environment that encourages self-discipline and responsibility.
Children are involved in setting personal goals and making educational choices.
A rich environment where learning is fun, thoughtfulness is nurtured and enthusiasm reigns.
Both the learning process and the end product are valued; mistakes are recognized as a natural part of the learning process. Learning activities include Friday Choice, Explorations, Community Service, Passport Club, Marketplace and many more.

Student on the Explorer campus

Outside on our campus



Teacher helping students with a project

In the classroom


Teachers talking to students outside

On field trips