Our Garden

Over the past several years, Explorer has established a community garden that provides unique, hands-on learning experiences for our students. We use our garden as an outdoor classroom. Students learn about science, math and even art in our garden. Our students have learned to plant, harvest, prepare and cook produce we’ve grown in the garden. We frequently use the garden to teach the students about botany and environmentally friendly horticulture practices.

We are committed to helping our students connect and serve their larger community and our garden is part of our community service efforts. We share the produce we grow in the garden with Hopelink’s Redmond Food Bank. Glen Miller, Communications Manager, Hopelink says, “Fresh produce is essential for Hopelink in providing quality, nutritious meals for clients. What is remarkable here is that it is kids helping other kids. Their hard work and generosity of spirit, and others like them in the community, means that thousands of their classmates come to school ready to learn and ready to grow.”